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  • In Memory of Our Fallen Brothers and Sisters
    Dedicated to our Brothers and Sisters who lost their lives in the line of duty.
    "We believe that all the ties of friendship and affection that knit us as one throughout our lives do not unravel with death."

    Columbus Police
    End of Watch
    Police Officer Edward Murphy 5-25-91 E.O.W
    Police Officer John Sears 11-30-36 E.O.W
    Detective Robert Cline 2-5-38 E.O.W
    Police Officer Campbell Jenkins 1-9-39 E.O.W
    Police Officer John McCullough 1-18-42 E.O.W
    Police Officer Thomas Webb 8-17-56 E.O.W
    Police Officer Richard Taylor 1-19-63 E.O.W
    Lieutenant Allen Fraley 11-6-64 E.O.W
    Police Officer Robert Lisska 5-26-65 E.O.W
    Police Officer Daniel Redding 7-27-65 E.O.W
    Police Officer William Wells 12-21-65 E.O.W
    Police Officer Curtis Staton 3-22-72 E.O.W
    Police Officer Joseph Edwards 8-28-72 E.O.W
    Police Officer James Reed 5-18-74 E.O.W
    Sergeant Dale McCann 6-7-74 E.O.W
    Police Officer Roger Brown 8-11-76 E.O.W
    Police Officer Michael Smith 8-11-76 E.O.W
    Police Officer Martin Yawarsky 9-6-80 E.O.W
    Police Officer Gordon Rich 4-5-86 E.O.W
    Police Officer Richard Fickeisen 6-1-87 E.O.W
    Police Officer Jane Thompson Bowman 3-9-89 E.O.W
    Police Officer Robin Nye 1-4-91 E.O.W
    Police Officer Raymond Radel 4-25-91 E.O.W
    Police Officer Chris Clites 12-10-93 E.O.W
    Sergeant Marc Muncy 4-5-95 E.O.W
    Police Officer Keith Evans 7-9-95 E.O.W
    Lieutenant Chris Claypool 4-29-01 E.O.W
    Police Officer Melissa Foster 12-4-04 E.O.W
    Police Officer Bryan Hurst 1-6-05 E.O.W
    Police Officer Stan Kaiser 7-17-06 E.O.W
    Police Officer Tim Haley 8-26-08 E.O.W
    Lieutenant Jeff Puls 4-14-9 E.O.W
    Police Officer Tom Hayes 1-20-11 E.O.W
    Police Officer Steven M. Smith 4-12-16 E.O.W

    Franklin County Sheriff's Office
    End Of Watch
    Deputy Jack Ellwanger 6-15-60 E.O.W
    Deputy Joseph Moore 4-11-83 E.O.W
    Lieutenant Sharon Moore 5-3-83 E.O.W
    Deputy Ron Coen 1-27-94 E.O.W
    Special Deputy Steve Bollinger 8-5-07 E.O.W
    Deputy Marty Martin 9-6-08 E.O.W
    Deputy Weppler

    End Of Watch
    Police Officer Charles Duvernay 8-4-82 E.O.W

    End Of Watch

    Police Officer Sean Johnson 5-19-16 E.O.W

    Madison Township
    End of Watch
    Police Officer Dane Rowe 11-5-88 E.O.W

    End of Watch
    Police Officer Michaels Blankenship 2-10-97 E.O.W

    End of Watch
    Police Officer Anthony Morelli 10-2-18 E.O.W
    Police Officer Eric Joering 10-2-18 E.O.W

    End of Watch
    Police Officer Terry McDowell 8-24-01 E.O.W

    To all our fallen Brothers and Sisters......

    Al George
    Alonzo Reynolds
    Allen Schilling
    Anita Kinzer
    Anthony Morelli
    Art Malloy
    Bart DeVictor
    Belford Griffith
    Bo Smith
    Bob Hoffman
    Bonnie Lirtzman
    Brad Forster
    Brian Wolfe
    Calvin D. Holt
    Calvin Miller
    Carl Bailey
    Carl Bailey
    Carl Burns
    Carl Fugitt
    Carol Miller
    Charles Edwards
    Charles Hoyle
    Charles Rucker
    Charles Vance
    Charles Voss
    Charles Woodard
    Charlie Hoffman
    Charlie Morrison
    Chris Hauser
    Christy Hayes
    Clifton Pennington
    Clyde Miller
    Dallas Lykins
    Dan Wood
    Daniel Klingerman
    Darrin Keirns
    David Lane
    David Montgomery
    Davie Scott
    Dennis Lemaster
    Dick Malone
    Don Speakman
    Donald Champ
    Donald E. Kirby
    Donald Eurez
    Donald Kirby
    Donald Raabe
    Donna Kennedy
    Dwight Joseph
    Ed Baker Sr.
    Ed Lemmon
    Ed McDevitt
    Eddie Powell Sr.
    Edwin Towers
    Eric Joering
    Ewell Young
    Floyd York
    Francis Merriman
    Francis Mumper
    Frank Wilcox
    Franklin Starkey
    Fred Corbin
    Fred Hand
    Fred Jansen
    Gary Diguilio
    Gary Lanning
    Gary Workman
    Geoff Miller
    George Nance
    Harold Brewer
    Harry Buckner
    Harry Lewis
    Harry Weaver
    Harvey List
    Harvey Tiller
    Henry Albrecht
    Herbert Munsch
    Herman Fackler
    Herman Stofle
    Irwin Baker
    James Bauchert
    James Brown
    James Crawford
    James Daugherty
    James Davis
    James Diguilio
    James Engel
    James Imboden
    James Marcum
    James Ray
    James Richardson
    James Self
    James Summers
    James Wireman Jr.
    Jason Tormasi
    Jeff Leesburg
    Jeff Wehr
    Jeri Morgan
    Jerome Barton
    Jerome Weber
    JH Ebright
    Joe Murnane
    Joe Noack
    John Brannan
    John Day
    John Decaminada
    John Dimond
    John Gossman
    John McPeak
    John Miles
    John Murray
    John Phillips
    John Simms
    John Walsh
    John Warren
    John Wright
    Joseph O’Donnell
    Ken Chamberlain
    Kenneth Borror
    Kevin Bodine
    Kevin Myers
    Lance Furry
    Larry Deck
    Larry Hunter
    Lawrence Bigler
    Lawrence Phillips
    Leonard Safreed
    Lewis DeVault
    Lloyd Haley
    Lou Foster
    Louis Haueisen
    Louis Riffle
    Lowell Downey
    Madeline Baker
    Mark Scott
    Marsha Frederick
    Martin Boyer
    Martin Crawford
    Martin Little
    Marvin Terrell
    Mary Wright
    Matt Schneider
    Michael Blake
    Michael Carlisle
    Michael Castle
    Mike Lusk
    Nikki Valentino
    Norm Diguilio
    Norm Manley
    Orville Horton
    Otto McDonald
    Otto Moore
    Patrick McSweeney
    Patrick Moran
    Paul Ferrara
    Paul Fiske
    Phil Henry
    R. Donald Parker
    Ralph Capoziello
    Ralph Tittle
    Rass Oakley
    Ray Fraley
    Richard Alexander
    Richard Carr
    Rick Arnoff
    Robert Armstrong
    Robert Coontz
    Robert Crooks
    Robert Grant
    Robert Haden
    Robert Kefauver
    Robert Patterson
    Robert Shoaf
    Robert Zeller
    Roger Morgan
    Roger Schirtzinger
    Roger Sluder
    Roger Springer
    Roger Trigg
    Ron Cottrill
    Ron Price
    Ron Shaw
    Ron Zollinger
    Roswell Maddy
    Russell Shephard
    Ryan Rudolph
    Sam Leslie
    Sean Johnson
    Sheriff Jim Karnes
    Sherri Clark
    Stafford Harper
    Stanley Dodds
    Stanley Krzeczowski
    Stephen Preston
    Steven M. Smith
    Sydney Reynolds
    Ted Hatzo
    Terry Flinders
    Terry James
    Terry Perrigo
    Terry Tenik
    Thomas Jones
    Thomas Lee
    Thomas Robinson
    Thomas Williamson
    Tim Cummings
    Tim Mace
    Tom Eubank
    Tom Jordan
    Tom Tobin
    Tony Gallicchio
    Vernon Walker
    Viola McPeak
    Walt Geigel
    Walter Colflesh
    Walter Hoffman
    Walter Mingus
    Walter VanDyke
    Wayne Morgan
    Wayne Robbins
    Wesley Washer
    Willard Hilton
    William Cheesebrew
    William Detillion
    William Gischel
    William Grannon
    William Pitchford
    William Schofield
    Willie Lucas

    .....your name will forever be inscrolled within our hearts, and your memory will be dear to us forevermore.

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